Instagram Down Memes: Taylor Swift Broke Instagram


Instagram Down Memes & Taylor Swift


Instagram Down Memes & Taylor Swift

Instagram has been down longer than usual, and Internet users turned to Twitter to share frustrated jokes and memes about the app’s demise. One of the best jokes is that Taylor Swift broke Instagram, since she had hosted a live stream on the app around the time it went down. Here are the best jokes to enjoy even after the app is back up. The jokes about Taylor Swift singlehandedly bringing down the app are at the end of this story. Is it true? Instagram hasn’t said, but Taylor Swift fans believe it.

We can all relate to the frustrated feelings people have when Instagram is down, but Taylor Swift fans loved the idea of Swift having that kind of social media power.

It’s not clear what caused the problems, but at one point outage issues were skyrocketing on Down Detector.

Instagram Down

DownDetector.comInstagram Down

Some people didn’t notice the issue on their app at first until they tried to comment or heart a photo and then they got an error message.  Others noticed issues as soon as they logged in and saw the familiar “error has occurred” message. Others couldn’t search for anything on the app. Affected regions include the United States, Sweden, Ukraine, Netherlands, India, Portugal, Colombia, Germany, Australia, and more. At the time of publication, problems are still being reported, but not nearly as many as before. Instagram has not officially addressed this on their website or Twiter page.

Some people turned to Twitter to share their frustration and pointed out that this must mean Twitter is better.

Taylor Swift gathered her Instagram followers for a live chat that started at 5 p.m. Eastern. Interestingly, it wasn’t too long after this that Instagram crashed. So now people are joking that Taylor Swift’s sheer popularity was too much for the social media giant.

This one might be my favorite.


It’s funny how some people turned it into an advertising opportunity.

At this time, Instagram hasn’t officially shared the cause of the site breaking down. In fact, their official page for reporting problems still says that nothing’s wrong.


But they did admit the problems on their official account.

This is a developing story.


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