Brutal Texts From Exes That Will Make You Laugh And Cry


The tender or witty texts amongst 2 different people in a romantic relationship — sort-of miniature love-letters — could take a very dark twist as it really is all about. A text exchange with ex’s, no matter who accomplishes it, is most embarrassing at best and utterly brutal in the worst. A lot of people on the receiving end of this sort of reach-outs just dismiss them sometimes by renaming the contact handy tips like”Satan,””do not respond,” or”assh*le” — but others go beyond and above.

Sometimes it’s not enough to just ignore ex’s texts, or to never begin a second exchange with ex. In some cases it’s overly tempting to predict the ex out. All these texts, as memorialized on textsfromyourex’s Instagram page, are roughly as brutal as a result trades may get. Only be warned — that they feature some mature speech.


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